Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Wonderful Holiday Season

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and of course a happy New Year?

Here is a Christmas card I produced, for a friend of mine, using her son's artwork. This card was done in conjunction with three artwork collages she ordered as gifts for her family. You've seen the one of Shane, and here is his big brother Connor, and a combination collage of the two boys.

Anything you can dream up, we will put on paper!

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holli said...

I got these for my mom, my husband (and me) and my sister in law, who has been very supportive in helping with things my 7yo son Connor who has moderate/severe autism, needs. When i gave it to my husband, he got tears in his eyes. My mom screamed with, i'll have to say "glee" and my SIL, burst into tears, and cried. To be able to display my son Connor's newly found joy of art is priceless, especially since he can't even speak. His art is his current language and it means the world to me and my supportive family. (i'm the one in his pics with the big yellow hair :) Thanks Abbie for the greatest gift I could give to those who love my kids.