Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fund Raisers

See Jack Draw is committed to helping you raise money! Be it a preschool, grade school, high school, church, charity event or scout group, we will donate 20% of all proceeds. Here is how it works…
  • Choose a representative from your organization to be the main contact with See Jack Draw
  • We will email your representative pdf files containing:
  1. A flyer to market the event
  2. The packet of ordering information and forms
  • Advertise this event at your organization
  • Give participants a deadline to compile their artwork and complete their informational packets
  • Have representative drop off artwork and completed informational packets to See Jack Draw (in Long Beach CA area)
  • OR
  • Have each person individually ship their artwork and completed informational packets to See Jack Draw, noting which organization they are from (within an agreed upon time span)
  • See Jack Draw will complete the photographic collages and ship individually or give to your representative
  • Your organization receives a check for 20% of the proceeds!

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