Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Priceless Works of Art

We are working feverishly to bring to you a service that will lovingly preserve your children's artwork (as well as protect your sanity). Gather up 10-20 pieces of art and a digital photo of your child, send it to us and it will be turned it into a keepsake worthy of a museum!

Stay tuned for our price list, ordering requirements and package information.

If you are interested, or have questions, please leave a comment or send an email - I'll get right back to you.


Suzanne said...

I love your idea too!

abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

kira: thanks lady! you know you are my inspiration :)

suzanne: thank you! i'm really fired up about it... orders are pouring in and im actually pretty surprised. yay.

Michelle said...

That is fabulous! I have a thing for frames AND sentimental stuff and these go hand in hand. Very cool!