Saturday, September 20, 2008

What Is It?

See Jack Draw provides a service that photographs your child's artwork, and incorporates the pieces into a 12" x 12" photo collage.

Send us a selection (4, 9, or 16 pieces) of their art, and you will receive an archival quality Kodak print, perfect for framing or your scrapbook.

In addition to their artwork, we will also incorporate a photo of your child, and their personal information (name, age, school, etc.) in one or two of the squares.

4 squares / 9 squares / 19 squares

We also carry a selection of frames:

When you are ready to order, send us an email ( and download a pdf of the ordering packet.

Still have questions? Leave a comment, or send an email.

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Lisa Madel said...

I got this link from Mom Spark. You are in my Business Moms group there. My name is Lisa and I blog about new products I have found that I love on my Sunday blog and I love See Jack Draw and would love to talk about it this week. I'd like to copy the picture from your site if possible. Let me know what you think and then stop in on Sunday to check out the free press at

You can leave me a comment there with your email and I can write back and give you mine.